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Finding the Right Beads For a Jewellery Design

Bespoke Jewellery Designers

One of the happiest days of a human life is we finally realize we will be spending the rest of our lives with someone more than special. Walking down the aisle and looking ahead to see nothing but that sole person that means more than anything to you is a feeling that can never be

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His and Her Wedding Bands – For the Pair in Love

his and hers wedding rings

Your special day can be made more exceptional with the choice of rings you decide to exchange. Materials the small symbol of “Your world is wrapped around mine” is made of signifies different meaning. Diamond which is the choice of most couples represents “forever”, Rubies another choice...

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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

The diamond is not just a gemstone, it is proof of a man’s 3Ps (Protect, Provide and Profess) of his love for a lady. Presenting an engagement ring to your future wife aside from it being a representation of your promise of marrying her, it also signifies you will protect her forever, be there...

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Edwardian Rings: A Mini-Guide to Purchasing the Antique Jewellery

Edwardian Rings

The Edwardian vintage rings are merely perfect for brides who favour delicate, feminine engagement rings. Shining with filigree work and glittering patterns of beautiful diamonds, Edwardian rings showcase a nostalgic air of refinement. Think about Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, and you’ll have...

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Most Popular 2018 Engagement Ring Trends

Most Popular 2018 Engagement Ring

While the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring styles never go out of fashion, each year you wonder what this year’s trending styles are. 2018’s list of engagement ring trends shows everything from smart modifications to timeless classics to the latest designs hot on the market. Oval Shapes...

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Best Engagement Ring for the modern woman

Best Engagement Ring

Whether you’re choosing a diamond engagement ring for yourself or your fiancée-to-be, if the wearer of your diamond engagement ring is an active lady then you need to follow some basic instructions. In this case, the durability and practicality are both essential too. But what does ‘modern...

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Tips to search for the perfect engagement ring

perfect engagement ring

So when you are about to begin your search for the perfect engagement ring, you might be confused about ‘Where to start?’ With so many choices out there from centre-stone types and patterns to various other designs, it can be overwhelming. Here are few tips for you to headstart in...

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How to select your diamond’s cut?

diamond’s cut

Just like your beautiful relation, every aspect of your engagement ring is special! The cut, design and colour all are equally important! For example, moissanites are highly popular diamond options and look marvellous in any of our custom ring patterns. Previously most jewellers only designed...

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How To Save Money While Purchasing Your Wedding Jewellery?

Wedding Jewellery Rps

When it comes to the 22ct gold jewellery, knowing your way through gold and the design process might reap significant benefits for you. It’s not as easy as getting your favourite jewellery on board; it’s about improving your sets, planning your trousseau and organising your outfits...

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5 Tips for Picking Wedding Jewellery

Wedding Jewellery

When it comes to the style, we’re all for breaking the so-called ‘rules.’ But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still smart tips to help you look the best, including for your wedding day jewellery. So if you want to have a little guidance when it comes to accessorising your gown, read...

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