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About Half

Rings that symbolise deep-felt love and commitment
Set with stones halfway around the band, half eternity rings are a symbol of everlasting love and commitment.

Traditionally, half eternity rings were used to mark wedding anniversaries. However, they are now increasingly used to celebrate a significant milestone in a relationship, such as the birth of a first child.

The use of eternity rings dates back to ancient Egyptians who presented simple bands of metal set with a stone to each other as a token of love and life. Since then, both the design and the use of eternity rings have evolved considerably. A variation of eternity rings, half eternity rings have small diamonds or any other gemstone set halfway around the band. The circular shape of these rings symbolises endless love and everything it can endure.

Exuding timeless elegance and a modern appeal, half eternity rings have a simple, sleek design. Because of their sleek construction, they can be easily stacked with a wedding band or an engagement ring to create an eye-catching look. Since there’s plenty of space for gemstones on a half eternity ring, you can choose diamonds or any other gemstone in a mix of your favourite cuts.

Whether you are looking for a half eternity ring to complement your engagement ring or you are looking for a stunning Christmas present for a loved one, you will be able to find the perfect piece of jewellery for you in our staggering range of half eternity rings. All meticulously crafted and embellished with dazzling diamonds, our half eternity rings make a perfect gift for just about any occasion.

Add an extra sparkle to your wedding band with a creatively designed, diamond-embellished half eternity ring from our collection.

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