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How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Diamond Engagement Rings

The engagement ring holds great sentimental significance for the bride and it’s an insignia of everlasting love. This will remain on her finger at all the times through her life and hence, pick the perfect engagement ring may seem like a challenging task. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime shopping and has to be done perfectly!

With a broad variety of choices available for Solitaire diamond engagement ring, picking the perfect one can certainly be a slightly confusing task. Here’s a simple mantra that every would-be-bride should live by while choosing the Solitaire diamond engagement ring.

The Metal
The metal is the most important aspect while choosing the engagement ring. Will you go for the traditional and timeless yellow gold? Or the appeal of the more contemporary white gold? Some might choose the platinum or the subtle gleam of rose coloured gold? Nowadays, the mixed metal rings are also gaining much favour since they are more varied and are more likely to match other bridal accessories like the bridal dress and the watch.

The Make and Style of the Ring
A simple wedding band, enhanced by just a charming and shiny diamond or two. A vintage wedding ring draws the inspiration from the yesteryears. You can also go for a traditionally styled ring that steeped in heritage. Many modern-day women with a more contemporary style with an eclectic twist or the ever – classy solitaire diamond!

The 4c of a Diamond
To assess a diamond using the 4 C’s, examine the following:

Cut: Make Cut a prime focus during your search, as it is the ‘C’ which most easily impacts a diamond’s excellence. Look for high levels of fire and brilliance, and be willing to lessen your spending in other areas such as Color or Clarity to ensure an outstanding Cut.
Colour: A diamond should look white or colourless to the human eye. Ensure the Color does not interfere with white and coloured light reflection.
Clarity: Fancy a diamond that is eye clean. Blemishes and additions should not distract from the fire or brilliance of a diamond.
Carat: Consider what is valuable to you and your loved one, but remember that beauty and brilliance will outshine the mere weight every time. Be open to dropping your Carat weight to assure you buy a stunning diamond.

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