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Earrings for Every Wedding Dress

22kt Gold jewellery

Whether you choose a classic sweetheart look or a trendy off-the-shoulder look, at RPS jewellers in Southall, we’ve got the danglers and studs to complement every neckline. Even if you don’t wear earrings on a daily basis, they are an essential bridal accessory for a few reasons. They draw attention to your face, and they can enhance a simple gown or play up the charming vibe of an ornate one. Pick a pair that flatters both your style and wedding dress neckline. In this blog, we are offering some guidance for choosing the best earring for every type of wedding dress.

Deep V-Neckline
Deep V-necklines elongate your torso and provide just the right amount of sex appeal. Keep this stunning neckline modern and sleek by pairing it with special ear crawlers. Not only will they add an embellished sparkle, but they also play off the angular shape of a deep V. This will surely draw attention to your neck and collarbones.

Halter Neckline
Halters show off your shoulders and arms, so choose a pair of classic studs that won’t compete with the shape of this neckline. You can add a classic pearl earring or play up your style with a floral stud (perfect for a summer soiree).

Bateau Neckline
This is an ultimate timeless neckline that gives off vintage vibes. Choose earrings which are delicate and small—we suggest crystals or pavé options since they’ll attract the light, adding just enough sparkle.

Illusion Neckline
An illusion neckline adds an ethereal feel to beading or floating lace. Add drop earrings with texture to complement the delicate feel of this neckline.

High Collar
The mini drop earrings will mimic the ornate vibe of a high collar dress without overpowering it. You can go for vintage-inspired ones with pearls for an extra-regal feel.

Off The Shoulder
An off-the-shoulder neckline ( Bardot neckline) offers you plenty of room to play with lovely statement earrings. We love pairing this chic style with modern ear jackets.

Straight Strapless
Create a beautiful look with a horizontal neckline with a vertical drop earring. Not only are these options are fun, but the length of the earrings will also elongate your neck.

Sweetheart Strapless
It’s no secret why the sweethearts are a bridal staple. The heart-shaped neckline shows off your curves and flatters most body types. Pair classic chandelier earrings with this ultra-feminine style—its bare shoulders and clean lines won’t distract from bold colours and shapes.

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