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Five Reasons why Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring are the best choice

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are always the centre of attraction since their discovery. People around the globe, especially the women love to wear diamonds on many occasions; like marriage, engagement, anniversary and so on. Though there are other precious stones available, the diamonds are irreplaceable. In this blog, we will discuss why to choose solitaire diamond ring while shopping for engagement rings for your future life partners.

1. Solitaire is the quintessential engagement ring style.
Let’s rewind to when you were sixteen or whenever you weren’t actively window-shopping engagement ring designs. If you are asked to close your eyes and imagine a nice engagement ring, how would it be? Most probably a simplistic ring, set with a single studded diamond, right? That’s evergreen and timeless solitaire ring. Solitaire diamond engagement rings never go out of style, they fit on any size hand/finger, and no one will need to guess what is the status of your relationship is.

2. The focus is on the diamond…COMPLETELY!
Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise – diamonds are as popular as ever, and they will stay popular. Why? There’s something incredibly humbling about holding a diamond in your hand.

3. A great choice who love minimalistic and simple approach to design
Although intricate engagement rings are far from unpopular, we’re observing a steady shift toward consciously choosing a simple setting that you’d feel equally comfortable wearing. You can still do a stunningly exorbitant design set with a single diamond.

4. Versatility – ALWAYS IN FASHION
Solitaires are unique when it comes to practical versatility. They pair up amazingly with most wedding bands. Since the engagement ring didn’t set any defined style, you’re free to play with the classic, bolder and vintage band combinations. They help to keep wear and tear to a minimum by not having big areas with intricate metalwork. You can also play around with metal colour combinations.

5. They’re a safe bet for gents on solo missions.
Although we usually recommend our gents buyers to buy women’s solitaire diamond engagement ring with their girlfriend. But, if you wish to surprise the lady on the day of engagement, then solitaire diamond engagement rings are the best bet.

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