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How to Take Care for Your Gemstones?

22kt Gold jewellery

The sunshine yellow of topaz, the magnificent blue of sapphire, the mesmerising red of ruby or the royal purple of amethyst. The beautiful colours of the gems have enchanted all of us since their very discovery. These gemstones are used in various jewellery designs since ancient times. Jewellery studded with lovely and beautiful gemstones are a staple in every woman’s closet. In fact, in the modern age, it adds a sense of postmodern whimsicality to every ensemble – either ethnic or the western. But having the jewellery studded with gemstones is not enough. You should have adequate knowledge about maintaining the gemstone-studded 22ct gold bridal jewellery. Here are some useful tips on taking care of those wonders that are indeed a gift to every woman’s closet.

1. Keep moisture at bay!
Due to the moisture, the jewellery can lose its shine quickly. Keeping your gemstones away from exposure to atmospheric humidity and storing in a cool, dry place can help to retain its bright new shine.

2. Store Separately
Ensure that your gemstones are stored individually. Do not put these valuable stones all together in a single box, as they are more likely to get scratched. Keeping them together will damage their surface. So, store each set of jewellery in a separate cushioned box, to prevent any scratching on their surface.

3. Keep away from Oil
Oil can dull your gemstones. With the exposure to the oil, the shine and refraction that comes from the cut can be dimmed. So, prevent any exposure to oil and preserve the shine and the visible clarity of the gemstones.

4. Use Regularly
While they might not be as valuable as diamonds, gemstones are without a doubt are a beautiful and integral addition to every jewellery collection. Use the gemstone-studded jewellery regularly so that they will get cleaned more often.

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5. Clean Your gemstones
Beware of those cleaning solutions which contain ammonia or harmful chemicals that damage sensitive gems. As a first step, let your jewellery piece to soak in warm water and mild detergent or cleaning solution for a few moments. Use a fluffy and soft brush to scrub and clean your valuable jewellery smoothly.

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