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Ways to Keep Your Jewellery Ever Shining


Many jewellery lovers love to wear jewellery from Ram Prakash Jewellers. Because of its beauty and cost-efficiency, many of them love to have some of the pieces in their wardrobe. But cleaning of jewellery on a regular basis is essential to wear it for years. Here in this blog, you will find out the tips which you can follow to keep your jewellery glistening forever.

Use Lukewarm Water
Always use lukewarm water to clean your jewellery items. Do not directly throw your pieces of jewellery into hot water because it can be damaging to the pieces in it. Mix hot water with cold water in an equal amount which is suitable for to clean your jewellery pieces especially for the diamond jewellery.

Use Detergent
Another most essential thing which should be maintained while cleaning the diamond jewellery is that you must only use a detergent which is utilized for dishwashing. No harsh soap or detergent should be used as it can hurt your beloved jewellery pieces. Use the right proportion of soap or detergent in the water which is sufficient enough to keep the shine of them intact.

Remove Dirt with a Brush
You must always remember to use a toothbrush to remove dirt. The toothbrush needs to have soft bristles unless the jewellery pieces may have visible scratches on them. Avoid using any pointy material to remove the dirt which might leave marks on those items. Though, after soaking your jewellery in soapy water, the dust will automatically come off.

Let the Pieces Dry
Keep the just cleaned jewellery pieces aside to dry thoroughly. If you don’t let them dry, then the gold jewellery pieces will have noticeable marks of water on them. If needed you can even wipe with a soft dry cloth and leave them for drying. Never forget to let them dry before you put them back in your jewellery box.

Wrap In Soft Cloth
After thoroughly drying the jewellery pieces properly wrap them in a soft dry cloth piece such as flannel which will keep them intact like a recently bought piece. Wrap them in such a way so that air does not enter the pieces. Otherwise, they might get tarnished. In this way, the glimmer of the diamond jewellery can be kept as it is.

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