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Eternity Rings

Rings that honour a shared life together

A representation of timeless love that a couple shares, eternity rings feature diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or any other gemstone of uniform cut and carat weight sparkling around a metallic band. The never-ending metallic loop made with fine platinum or gold signifies eternity and is used to express eternal love and romance.

Usually presented as a gift on wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or to celebrate the birth of a child, eternity rings are available in two exquisite styles — full eternity rings and half eternity rings. Full eternity rings are set with dazzling diamonds around the entire length of the ring, which exude elegance and luxury. Half eternity rings, on the other hand, are embellished with stones halfway around the band and are therefore a preferred choice of women who love everything simple and elegant.

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Both full and half eternity rings are usually presented to commemorate a special milestone in a relationship. The diamond-embellished band is a symbol of the continuing cycle of life. Therefore, eternity rings are presented to a mother on the birth of her first child and as a birthday gift as well to someone you truly love. The ring can be worn alone for an elegant and feminine look or stacked with a wedding ring and engagement ring to complete the trinity of rings.

Although eternity rings are a perfect way to express your endless love and adoration for someone, they are certainly not limited to weddings and engagements. They make a wonderful gift to celebrate other romantic occasions as well, such as the Valentine’s Day or the day you first met your