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Wedding Jewellery: What to Follow to Have a Perfect Wedding

22kt gold jewellery

A perfect wedding is the dream of every soon to be a bride. In this blog, we will discuss the Do’s of wedding jewellery. They are easy to follow and will surely make many beautiful wedding wonders on your wedding day.

DO mix borrowed with new.
Gone are the days where everything is matching. To look put together, cohesively express your style. The finish of your jewellery should be similar, but feel free to mix and match, as long as the general shape and era echo the same tone. This is the perfect opportunity to blend your something borrowed with a new piece. You can include your grandma’s 22ct gold jewellery or your mom’s favourite bracelet and still exercise your style.

DO bring your headpiece when trying on wedding earrings.
If you’re wearing a headpiece, make sure you bring it while selecting jewellery — especially the earrings. You’ll require considering proportion and the finish of the ornaments, not only against your face but also against the style and line of your wedding gown. The aim is to enhance your look, not add competition.

DO mix finishes: your ring is its entity.
Pay no mind to the finish of your wedding band when selecting a finish for your bridal jewellery. What you should think about is the ‘season’ of your skin, the colour of your gown, the colour of your embellishments and your wedding vision (go shiny for classic and modern, antique for rustic and vintage, etc.)

DO give yourself enough time!
Bridal jewellery is all too often lumped into the ‘accessories’ category and barely mentioned against its counterparts like shoes, hair and handbags. It’s such an essential part of pulling together your beautiful look. Make sure you select your jewellery three months before the wedding. This way, you’ll have ample time to receive your order, try it on during your gown fitting, and make any necessary exchanges.

DO incorporate colour into jewellery.
It was shades of pink; now it’s Tangerine Tango. Or is it passionate red? Whatever your colour scheme, include matching or complementary hues into your jewellery. If you’re walking the aisle in pure white, but want to add some colour, try fun jewel-toned earrings. Or, gift your bridesmaids colourful pieces that can be worn in everyday life too.

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