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How To Save Money While Purchasing Your Wedding Jewellery?

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When it comes to the 22ct gold jewellery, knowing your way through gold and the design process might reap significant benefits for you. It’s not as easy as getting your favourite jewellery on board; it’s about improving your sets, planning your trousseau and organising your outfits. We found a few smart ways you could work to get your jewellery box right on point.

Take stock of existing gold
Many families follow a tradition of purchasing 22ct gold jewellery every year or so. You might have witnessed some old-fashioned gold chains, big fat rings and more. Now is the time to review the stuff that you already own. That means the big fat chains, rings and gifted gold can be melted/ traded to make/purchase new jewellery. Because, if you’re a smart bride, you’ll know that having an elegant jewellery box is better than ten’s of unwanted necklaces.

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Don’t purchase everything together
Stagger your buys. That way, you’ll have more cash each month to spend on one jewellery item. Mix and match with the jewellery that you already have to make your bridal jewellery appear more prominent and classic.

Mix & Match With Heirloom Pieces
They say, ‘Old is Gold’. So, don’t be afraid to mix old jewellery pieces with the new ones. They have an old world charm providing a classic touch to one’s persona. Many brides wear a mix of their family heirloom pieces and some 22ct gold jewellery from Ram Prakash Jewellers. Who would guess it’s not all a remarkable set?

Blouse Neckline
It is one of the most critical points to be weighed while planning one’s jewellery – the necklace! If the necklace silhouette is not by the neckline, the beauty of the bridal outfit as well as the exquisiteness of the gold necklace both will be warped!

Jewellery Metal
Rose Gold is currently trending but will it really suit you? Make sure if the metal of the jewellery suits to your skin tone. You might wish to dismiss yellow gold for being exceedingly bright, but maybe that’s the one that makes you glow!

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