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Everything you need to know about diamond engagement rings !

Diamond Engagement rings

An engagement ring is that indicates love, affection and a promise of eternal companionship. Ram Prakash Jewellers offers a wide array of engagement rings that make your unique moments memorable and help you stay at the centre of attraction. In this blog, we will observe the different styles of engagements rings available in the market.

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Solitaire and Solitaire Plus Rings
Their actual name pretty much defines them. The word solitaire, in context, means singular, or alone. A solitaire when combined with other stones, is known as solitaire plus ring. When it is used to describe certain jewellery types, let’s say to define an engagement ring. The solitaire engagement ring is the most popular choice. However, it is considered as an iconic symbol of the commitment of love that has a dazzling simplicity and a glowing beauty. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are perfect for those women who want to have a classic look and want to get embraced for their panache.

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Halo Rings
A halo engagement ring has a central stone set with several little rocks surrounding it in a circle or a ‘halo.’ This style has been famous for engagement rings since the 1920’s. These rings are usually set with big and beautiful diamonds but can be just as enchanting with other stones too.

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Three Stone Rings
Three stone engagement ring is the wonderful design that stands for a unique symbolism. This type of ring is a true symbol of a healthy, caring and trustful relationship. This is also known as the Trinity ring as it represents the past, present as well as the future of your life together as a couple. This type of ring also gives you more space for creativity when it comes to the design.

Two Stone Rings
The two stone engagement ring is a perfect symbol of togetherness, where one stone represents friendship, and other represents eternal love. This only means that this kind of ring will serve as a reminder of all the collective memories that the couple has had during their relationship. This type of ring also offers you more room for creativity while designing.

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