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How to keep your diamond from losing its sparkle?

How to keep your diamond from losing its sparkle

Whatever the occasion, diamonds are and always have been the epitome of celebration. Known to be the toughest natural substance on the Earth, diamonds can cut any rock or metal; yet only a diamond can cut another diamond. Despite its ruggedness, diamond can lose its sparkle with oil or dust deposited on it. To maintain the sparkling of this indestructible gemstone is a tough job, but a possible one! So, how would you keep your diamond engagement ring from losing its sparkle?

Here are a few simple tips-

Handle with care
Diamonds are magnets to oil and grease. This makes them very tough to clean. The diamonds might lose its shine and fire with the oil deposition by a mere touch. So, refrain from touching the diamonds. Use gloves or coarse textured cloth while handling your diamond ring especially if it is a solitaire engagement ring.

Clean your diamonds regularly
A simple process to keep your diamond jewellery as charming is to soak it in a mild degreasing solution like a fine blend of water and mild dish soap. After removing the jewellery from the solution, use a toothbrush to remove any dirt from its surface. The toothbrush is the best choice to clean those hard to reach places where most of the oil and dirt gets accumulated.

Skip using harmful solutions
Chlorine bleach and abrasives should never be used to clean your diamond engagement ring and must be avoided at all cost. Abrasives can scratch the gold and other metals, and chlorine bleach can damage the metal used to alloy gold for diamond settings.

Use ultrasonic cleaners with caution
Sometimes, an ultrasonic cleaner proves beneficial to remove encrusted dirt on diamonds. The ultrasonic cleaners clean the accumulated dirt on a diamond using sound waves through a solution. But, they also might shake loose stones from their mountings. If your diamond is created using fracture filling or it contains feathers then you must avoid ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning.

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