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Tips to search for the perfect engagement ring

perfect engagement ring

So when you are about to begin your search for the perfect engagement ring, you might be confused about ‘Where to start?’ With so many choices out there from centre-stone types and patterns to various other designs, it can be overwhelming. Here are few tips for you to headstart in the correct direction:

Start with a Shape
The simplest and best way to start things is a top-down strategy, and that begins with the centre stone for your diamond engagement ring. Each centre-stone shape holds something different regarding its character and the way it will set on your fingers. We advise trying the form that best suits your overall persona. If you are a lover of classic design, go for an emerald or round cut. If you need something more than the regular, then try oval. If you want something sharp, then it’s best to consider a marquise. You can search through all of our designs on our website to get a better idea for what interests you the most.

Halo or Non-Halo:
This is another general way to begin hunting your diamond engagement ring. Halo refers to tiny diamonds surrounding the centre stone, while a non-halo design can comprise of a single stone or one with accentuating side-stone in a three-stone order. Recognising which you like best between these very beautiful styles can also help you discover the centre-stone shape because few shapes lend themselves better to particular designs than others. Off course with each style halo and non-halo there are many variations, but at least you will have a general sense of what you like.

Band Style:
This may not be the best place to start, but it is a crucial factor to consider in your overall engagement ring style. The easiest way to start would be deciding on a plain band or one with diamonds. After that, you can determine if you need it to be split or straight as well as its thickness and any other details you would like to include.

Metal Color:
While platinum and white gold were the only two metal options many used to consider for their engagement ring designs years ago, the recent demand of both rose and yellow gold leaves you with more to consider. Can’t decide between a white metal or a coloured metal? You can always opt for one of our mixed two-tone designs.

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