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Tips for buying Princess cut rings

princess cut engagement rings.

Princess cut engagement rings have become very popular in the recent years.  The princess cut is among the most popular shapes for diamond jewellery. It is among the most sought after, second to the classic round diamond shape. Its top view is square-shaped and is well known for its excellent light distribution.  You can never go wrong with a princess cut diamond ring due to their elegance and beautiful setting.

With a great option of designs and cuts to choose from, it can be confusing to know which one is the best for you. Here are some tips that will make your shopping for a perfect princess ring hassle-free.

Pick according to your preference
This is one important factor to guide you in your purchase. Buy according to your preference and what suits your lifestyle. Princess cut rings are budget-friendly as compared to other diamond cuts.

Check the quality of your ring
Quality is an important factor to consider when buying princess cut engagement rings. When buying a princess cut engagement ring, you should get a ring that gives value for your money.  Ensure that you are aware of the 4Cs which determine the value of a diamond.

The 4Cs include –

The cut grade is vital so as to determine the diamond sparkle. Take your time to choose the best cut for your princess ring.

You should choose the weight that you desire for your engagement ring. Keep in mind that the ring is to be worn for a lifetime.

H or I colour diamond is recommended for princess cut diamonds that are set in white gold or platinum.  The rose gold or yellow gold rings look great on the J colour diamond. So it’s upon you to make a choice which suits your taste.

For princess cut engagement rings, an SI1 or VS2 diamond is required. This offers you great clarity for your ring.

Buy from a reputable jeweller
Every man wants the best ring for his partner. When you are about to propose and find out that a princess cut diamond ring is the best choice, then you should purchase from a reputable jeweller.  You should request for a grading report when you buy your diamond ring. This grading certificate assures you of the authenticity, specific characteristics of the diamond and the quality as well.

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