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How to select your diamond’s cut?

diamond’s cut

Just like your beautiful relation, every aspect of your engagement ring is special! The cut, design and colour all are equally important! For example, moissanites are highly popular diamond options and look marvellous in any of our custom ring patterns. Previously most jewellers only designed moissanite in regular sizes and shapes. We specialise in personalised and well-crafted engagement rings.

Start With The Ring Design
When it comes to solitaire diamond engagement rings, rates place a considerable factor in picking out the right ring pattern. For example, you may admire a brilliant round cut, but the round cuts are costly. With moissanite, you can choose a larger centre and even a more elaborate set design without sacrificing on the quality or look of the design.

Once you have decided on the exact ring design, think about your desired centre stone shape. Do you love elongated, rounded cuts such as pear and oval shape? Or are you more a fan of square shapes such as a cushion and princess cut? Think about what can be most appealing and also what form is most charming on your hand.

Once you have chosen the shape of your stone to think about the internal faceting pattern or cut of the stone, you may wish to have. Some forms come in a variety of facet patterns. For example, a stone can have crushed antique faceting, ice faceting, or brilliant style facet designs for you to pick from.

Ratio and Exact Measurements
We would suggest selecting the desired size of the centre first. From there figure out if you need the shape of the centre to be elongated or more square in appearance. This would apply for diamonds where the ratios vary such as cushion, radiant, oval, emerald, pear, cut etc.

Pick The Measurements
Once you have decided on the final ratio that you find satisfying, you can then choose the measurements and carat size that will work best for you.
Maintaining the right ratio of central shape measurements and carat size makes your solitaire diamond engagement ring more appealing.

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