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About Pendants Sets

For engagements, weddings, and eternity

Whatever you’re looking for, we have a perfect diamond pendant set for every occasion.

Diamond Jewellery pendant

Every piece of solitaire diamond pendant is a celebration of the timeless fascination of diamonds. We take pride in ourselves for making exquisite jewellery for the classy, modern woman, whose accomplishments are only enhanced by that of her choice. Every necklace at RPS jewellers begins with a moment of inspiration, changing your diamond into covetable designs.

We here take it very seriously to understand the needs of our customers. And keeping that in mind we have created our huge collection of diamond pendant sets. We know that a woman does not want to wear heavy jewellery all the time. It may not suit your taste or you may want to look classy yet with bare minimum jewellery, so you opt for lighter options that will give you a casual yet dressed-up touch to your whole outfit. Our diamond pendant sets are one of a kind. They are designed specifically to match your conditions. These sets are light and you can wear them to a wedding or any parties and the best thing is that they are compatible with most wardrobe choices.

Diamond Jewellery pendant

We know what a modern woman loves and Pendant sets are definitely one of them. They are the vogue of the present time. It gives you the liberty to obtain that particular casual look without down playing the whole costume. All our diamond pendant set designs are handcrafted. They are intricately designed by our artisans, so when you wear them, every head turns around to check the beautiful piece of jewellery hanging around your neck. From beautiful floral designs that are rooted in traditions to more liberal modern edgy designs, you will get them all in our collection.

Diamond pendant sets have become a statement jewellery that symbolizes the modern women in you. And our pendant set designs represents exactly that. We don’t design just for traditional or Indian outfits. If you look at our collection you will find some extraordinary designs that will certainly go with your western outfits as well.

All our pendant sets come with matching earrings, so you don’t have to look for separate earrings to team up with the pendant. We have kept the price tags pretty affordable, allowing you to enjoy these beauties without spending much.

Our expertise allows us to transform the charm of each individual diamond into its perfect jewellery partner. From the chastity of a diamond solitaire necklace to the charisma of multi-layered diamonds, we create a perfect pendant set duo that is sure to be worn and admired.

Available in Platinum as well as 18k White, Yellow and Rose Gold, your diamond pendant will be yours forever.

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